The main problem of the traders - the lack of knowledge

The misconception of the tool's work
Uncontrolled emotions while trading
High risks and loss of cash
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Training without trash
All information is consistent and clearly structured
Complicated in simple language
The complicated information is explained in layman’s terms with understandable language
Training within 2 weeks
A minimal 14-days course is enough to start trading
Free lectures
70 % of the lectures required on the basic of training are absolutely free

Studying Programs

The basic course: «Fundamentals of Financial Market's Analysis»
  • Basic Indicators
  • Money-management and fundamentals of the graphical analysis
  • Making winning trade on the market
  • Individual studies
  • Duration: 7 hours
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Advanced course: «Technical and fundamental analysis of financial markets»
  • Prepered trading system
  • Advanced technical market analysis
  • Fundamental analysis of the stocks and currency
  • Individual studies
  • Duration: 10 hours
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Professional course: «Building trading systems and tactics»
  • Create your own trading systems
  • Professional skills of risk management
  • Scalping trading systems
  • Individual studies
  • Duration: 18 hours
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Expert course: «Master Class»
  • Expert knowledge
  • Different subjects of the courses
  • Tested trading systems in practice
  • Only working analytical tools
  • Monthly group lessons
  • Duration: 2 hours
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Training offline or online

Intramural form of study
  • In the comfortable office with working climate
  • Face-to-face contact with the expert
  • Tea and cofe
Distance learning
  • Right from home anywhere in the world
  • The possibility to choose a specialist from any office
  • Personal touch


«There were difficulties, but you should never give up»
I would never have thought that my life would be connected with trading. I decided to approach Hamilton company on the advice of a good friend. I completed free education at first, and then the paid one - "Master classes", for further development in this area and a deeper understanding of the financial markets. Of course, there were some difficulties, but you should never give up. My training brought amazing results! And above all for me – it is the possibility to work anytime anywhere in the world, hence mix business with pleasure – to travel! I am grateful to the company for the valuable skills and knowledge that I received while training, thank you!
Anatoly Vasilyev, 34 years old, Vladivostok
«Per month I earn more than my coevals in a year»
In my small port town there are great difficulties with employment, that’s why I often had complications to find interesting and well-paid job. I got to choose: to become a trader or pursue a profession on the factory floor. I chose the first and wasn’t mistaken. I have been trading for 2 years now and have no regrets that once approached Hamilton company for the training. As the result, now per month I earn more than my coevals in a year.
Andrew Yaroshenko, 25 years old, Dudinka
«I was ready to start trading at once and begin earning»
At last, I found a company that brings important information clearly and without trash. I addressed Hamilton with distrust, because I couldn’t find worthy training courses on earning on the exchange. Here the courses are quick, all information is structured, all most problem themes are explained in understandable simple language. After completing the courses, I was ready to start trading at once and begin earning. I opened an account, refilled the deposit and I’m already a full participant of the market! More importantly, there are free analysis and forecasts on the website – it’s very helpful and necessary information, which helps me to trade. I recommend to everybody! Thank you for diligence and competence.
Maxim Gerlain, 29 years old, Moscow
«I completed training and got a trading strategy»
I’m a housewife, but never loved to waste time and before the pregnancy was actively working – I had my own business. It became difficult to control it with a baby in my hands and I had to give up it, from what I had an apathy. While searching the job in the Internet I paid my attention on the broker company «Hamilton» and became interested in working on the exchange, more specifically trading the metals and crypto-currency – now it’s an actual and upcoming trend. I completed the training and got my own, made up specifically for me, trading strategy, which helps me to reach the desired goals. Now, bit by bit, with minimal risks, I move to my dear dream. Special thanks to my tutor Tatiana, she is very helpful in trade, as I receive many useful advices right from her.
Ekaterina Stepanenko, 23 years old, Ekaterinburg

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