Get the Investment Ideas with the High Precision

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Get the Investment Ideas with the High Precision
Use every chance to earn with the maximum probability on basis of the real events

*Hamilton — is a service company which aggregates the expert’s opinions on various events and likely reactions of the market

We Achieve High Accuracy of Analysis Through:

Use of fundamental analysis
Companie’s statements, world’s general situation, news background, modeling, current trends
Use of technical analysis
Graphic, indicator and candlestick analysis
Effective instruments
Hamilton event calendar, PRIME news, Trading Central forecasts, Autochartist tradingg signals

Trading Terms

Registered broker
Interbank liquidity
More than
instruments to earn
Commission fee from
Up to
leverage level

For Beginners

Features of training:

Complicated information is explained in simple and understandable terms
70% of educational information is free of charge
Information is clearly structured and confirmed by practice
You can choose your future tutor
It is enough to pass the minimum 14 day course before you start to trade

For Traders

You get an access to more than
currency pairs, stocks, commodities, indexes, metals
We provide
the up-to-date data in the calendar of events from Hamilton
for active trading

For Investors

Discover the new source of passive income with minimal risks!
Investing with Hamilton allows you to profit from trading in financial markets without spending time on training and trades
You can copy the most lucrative trades of successful traders, at the same time you completely control your finances
Maximum profit
We provide you an opportunity to use all our services: Trade on Forex.
No risks
Trading software is protected by SSL-protocol. Reliability of the company guarantees the safety of your trades
Your money works on your personal brokerage account and only you have an access to the money. No one except you can withdraw them

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All information which is on the site is exclusively for fact-finding and is not to be used as the sole basis of investment decisions.

Trading Forex on margin offers good opportunities to receive high profit, and carries a high level of risk. Prior to trading you should make sure you fully understand all the risks involved and take into consideration your level of experience and financial situation.

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