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On May 24, 2021, trading for CFD on CH20 and CAN60 indices will be closed due to Whit Monday
Dear Clients! Due to the Whit Monday trading for CFD on CH20 and CAN60 indices will be closed. Trading time corresponds to UTC+2. Please note above changes in the ...
From May 24, 2021 TeleTrade launch the restart trading CFDs on RIO and CFDs on VOD
From May 24, 2021, TeleTrade will restart trading ADR CFDs on Rio Tinto Group (RIO) shares and ADR CFDs on Vodafone Group Plc (VOD) shares. Soon after TeleTrade broker ...
On May 19, 2021, trading sessions for CFDs on CHN_H50 and HK50 will be closed due to celebration of Buddha’s birthday
Dear Clients! Due to the celebration of Buddha’s birthday in the East Asia (except Japan) May 19, 2021, trading sessions for CFDs on CHN_H50 and HK50 indices will ...
Important changes were made to the schedule of trading sessions on May 13, 2021
Editor hamilton
Dear Clients! We draw your attention to changes in the trading schedule for CFD instruments on May 13 in connection with Ascension Day in Switzerland. May 13: .tablenews ...
Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018-2020
Артур Новиков
Digital currencies launched a large-scale offensive on all fronts — under the «blow» were both the money and gold, and the banking sector, and powerful ...
Currency exchange on Forex VS the other exchanges
Сергей Юдин
The term «currency conversion» has long ago left a narrow audience of economists and currency speculators. The number of exchange points indicates a high level ...
Optional levels as indicators in trade
Анна Ковалева
Choosing a trading strategy is the cornerstone of trading in any financial market. This immutable truth has become a powerful stimulator for the emergence of numerous ...
Popular cryptocurrencies overview
Артур Новиков
Virtual reality – is how you can characterize a new type of financial services, where the role of invisible money is given to crypto-currency, and its reality can be ...
Popular cryptocurrency exchanges
Сергей Юдин
Bitcoin and Co. made a real «financial revolution», showing unprecedented growth rates. Passing by such events could not only not «savvy» in computer ...
Bank deposits VS Forex
Анна Ковалева
Investment activity is slowly but surely taking hold of Russian citizens who have monetary savings and are wondering how to place their capital profitably. Saving cash, ...
Forex Advisers
Артур Новиков
The IT market offers traders a variety of programs for automatic trading. Unlike indicators and oscillators, robot advisers enable you to conduct trading operations ...
Forex Indicators
Сергей Юдин
Computer technologies «settled» profoundly in the analytical field of the traders. Technical analysis supporters successfully use the achievements of new ...
Stock Exchanges VS Forex
Анна Ковалева
Out of the brokerage currency market Forex, originated in the 70s of the last century, is rapidly developing and has become a «dangerous competitor» to classic ...
Capital Management
Артур Новиков
Whatever principles a person professes in relation to money it remains part of his entire conscious life. To form, preserve and increase capital — the solution of ...
Forex Analytics
Сергей Юдин
Forex Analytics — is one of the most important tools necessary to trade on the foreign exchange market successfully. It allows you to obtain the following ...
Forex trading signals
Анна Ковалева
Many inexperienced traders naively believe that trade on the exchange market is similar to the behavior of players in the casino. As a result, they base only on their ...
Technical analysis
Артур Новиков
According to the research methods, market analysts can be formally divided into «physicists» and «lyricists». Traders argue what type of analysis is ...
Investment market analysis
Анна Ковалева
Investment analysis is a part of the strategy which aim is to gain additional passive income. It helps to choose tools, which stimulate capital accumulation. Analysis of ...
Fundamental analysis
Сергей Юдин
When internet trading has occurred, the world of exchange trading widely opened its doors. A new type of activity attracted millions of people who wanted to try their ...
Elliott Wave Theory
Артур Новиков
Elliott’s theory of the wavy principle of price movement in financial markets may be or may not be liked by theorists and practitioners of exchange trading. The ...
Trading strategy
Анна Ковалева
How to persuade a person who decided to try his luck in exchange trading, to treat a new type of activity not as a purchase of lottery tickets? Trader Edward Seykota, ...
Trust management of money
Сергей Юдин
It so happened that in the human society there is a constant question of trust. We can service our car ourselves, but we trust its service to professional locksmiths, we ...
Investing in PAMM-accounts
Анна Ковалева
Exchange trade offers many options for investment. If at the dawn of its formation people could invest in certain goods or securities, now they have the opportunity to ...
Forex trends
Артур Новиков
What is trend trading?  What does that mean, why do some experts think that it the only trading strategy? Here we are going to find out whether it is the only way to ...
What to choose: Forex training courses or books?
Сергей Юдин
Every business requires some level of specialized knowledge. Trading on Forex is not an exception. Moreover, even experienced traders who work with currency pairs for ...
Rhythm of Forex
Артур Новиков
Successful trading on Forex requires the existence of a tested strategy that can bring guaranteed profit. Novice traders and many traders with a certain experience focus ...
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