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Bitcoin and Co. made a real «financial revolution», showing unprecedented growth rates. Passing by such events could not only not «savvy» in computer technology investors, but also citizens for whom the terms «block», «fork», «mining», etc. did not connect with the possibility of millions of earnings, without corresponding investments.

When the «fog» dissipated, the focus was on structures that can provide access to «new money». This role was taken by the exchange of crypto-currencies, quickly responding to the rush demand for work with virtual money. Depending on what methods it is planned to increase their income, the exchange of crypto-currencies is selected, which best match the parameters for the activity of miners, traders or investors.

Selecting the crypto-currency exchange

The best stock exchange crypto-currencies can provide a set of conditions suitable for all categories of customers.

Criteria, which draws miner’s attention:

  • convenient withdrawal of currency currencies — availability of restrictions, which payment systems the exchange supports;
  • the presence of trading pairs, where there is a necessary crypto currency. With bitcoin there are no problems, but if it is a rare altcoin, then there can be a problem when its hard to find a crytptocurrency exchange that has it in its assortment «.

Important conditions for the trader:

  • availability and size of leverage;
  • volumes of transactions. The greater the daily turnover, the greater the chance of earning on the difference in purchase / sale;
  • amount of the commission reward. This is the way an exchange makes money but you can find an exchange with the smallest commission possible;
  • whether it is allowed to use bots in the trade for a selected crypto currency exchange.

Priorities of the investor:

The investor is «charged» to withdraw funds to an electronic wallet. If a certain part remains on the exchange, then it is important that the exchange is included in the top-ranking by the volume of trading — this is a guarantee of reliability. Competent investment presupposes the availability of a package (5-10 titles) of altcoins in the «portfolio», therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the list of interesting items.

General conditions that must be taken into account when choosing a stock exchange crypto currency:

  • availability of Russian-language technical support. If the level of foreign languages does not allow you to communicate with the managers of the company, then do not take risks, because this is not about household problems, but about financial activities;
  • what are the restrictions on the withdrawal of funds on the levels of verification. Low levels can create serious inconveniences;
  • «The history of the exchange» — read user’s reviews.

Top Currencies Exchange


The exchange was founded in 2014 with legal registration in the USA.

  • interface — English;
  • verification is optional. Limitations on the withdrawal of funds, with the initial level of verification — $6000/day;
  • marginal trading;
  • 3 trading modes: with leverage, without leverage, with the possibility of lending to other customers using margin trading;
  • tools — 140 pairs;
  • market — 4 types;
  • number of users (on average per day) — more than 6000;
  • commission — from 0.15% to 0.25% per deal;
  • graphics — Japanese candles;
  • referral program — no.

The stock exchange is among the top ones, according to the index of daily trading volumes forks. It is number one in the volume of trading in the ethereum is 1 place.


The exchange was registered in Hong Kong in 2012.

  • languages of support — English, Russian, Chinese;
  • replenishment of the deposit and withdrawal of funds is available only after the verification procedure (replenishment only EG EG PAY, withdrawal — EGO PAY or bank transfer. Commission fee for withdrawing money — 0.1% of the amount in USD);
  • trade — there is a variant with a leverage;
  • instruments — 36 crypto-currency pairs;
  • commission — 0.15% (the higher the level of working capital, the less the commission);
  • referral program — no;
  • turnover (as of August 2017) — $483.943,174.


  • domain registration — 2014.
  • English language;
  • tools — more than 260 crypto-currencies;
  • referral program — no;
  • the volume of trading (as of August 2017) — $689.305,251;
  • commission — 0.25%

The exchange is characterized by a large number of altcoins and a simplified registration procedure.


The stock exchange was registered in New Zealand in 2014.

  • the language of the site is English;
  • the amount of crypto currency is 493;
  • trading in fiat currencies — no;
  • referral program — yes;
  • the volume of trading (August 2017) — $2,951,513;


Convenient exchange for Russian-speaking clients. The domain is registered in 2013.

  • referral program — yes;
  • trade — bitcoin, bitcoin cache, ethereum, USD, EUR, RUR, GBP (only 13 currency pairs);
  • the volume of trading (August 2017) — $5,605,025;
  • deposit/withdrawal of funds — bank transfer, credit cards Visa, MasterCard. The limits depend on the level of verification (the initial level is up to $1000/month, up to $300 per day).


The exchange has a website in Russian and Russian-speaking technical support managers. The domain was registered in 2014.

  • the referral system — yes;
  • trading instruments — 975 currency pairs;
  • turnover of funds (data August 2017) — $16,858,761;
  • bonus programs — yes;
  • input/output USD — possible.

For clients who work with the ruble, the «Btc-e» crypto exchange is suitable. The exchange allows you to start working without a verification procedure, has a convenient interface, allows trading in fiat currencies (dollar-ruble) and major crypto-currencies. Trade commission – 0.2%. The daily turnover is more than $35 million.

There are more than 50 crypto currency exchanges among the most popular ones. The attitude towards them, in different countries, is ambiguous. The loudest was the September statement of the Central Bank of China, which issued the complete ban on ICO operations (the initial placement of crypto-currency tokens) and the closure of all crypto-exchanges in the country.

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